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Terry's Story (gloryhole wife, family sex, erotica)

My third debut taboo erotica release - TERRY'S STORY - is the erotica tale of a sexually frustrated wife on the outs with her husband...and all that she'll do to make things right with him.

Warning: this book features incestuous themes, glory holes, ménages, interracial sex, anal sex, and is intended for mature audiences who like their books hot!

Wife and mother, Terry Hamilton is traveling with her two grown kids and loving husband on their last family vacation ever. From the start, things are bad. Terry’s just found out that her husband wants another woman in bed. Her heart feels crushed and she struggles to work things out with Mike through her own way involving a random encounter with a stranger and a glory hole at a public rest area.

Then, when that doesn’t work to solve their problem, Terry tries things his way by bringing a beautiful woman into the bedroom with them. What she realizes turns out to be more powerful than Terry could ever have imagined on the last ever Hamilton family vacation.

Excerpt of TERRY'S STORY:
Holding her breath, Terry stood and watched. Fingers fluttered in front of the hole, dark ones. A zipper sounded. For some reason the sound made her clit tingle with excitement. It had been so long since Mike had fucked her. He’d been ignoring her, and then on top of the stress of this morning she could use a good hard fucking so bad. It would loosen her sore muscles up and relax her like nothing.
A long black cock slid through the hole.

It was huge, the longest she’d ever seen and she wasn’t even sure if he was hard or soft. Thick as her wrist. As long as her elbow to wrist, at least. A groan rumbled from the other side of the stall. A cock…all for her… She moaned in answer to his groan.

Terry had never once strayed from her husband in any way, shape, or form.

But he wanted another woman with them, wanted to fuck someone younger, tighter, hotter. Besides, she didn’t have to fuck this delicious, sexy black stranger. Maybe she could just suck on that mother-watering, definitely hard, cock. And if Mike wouldn’t touch her then maybe she needed a stranger to.

Heart beat crashing in her ribcage, Terry reached forward with a trembling hand. The first touch made them both jump. He jerked back and she yanked her hand away. She dove back for it, wrapped her fingers around his cock. A breathless moan escaped her.

He was so hard. She pulled on him, hearing his breaths deepen through the partition. 

TERRY'S STORY is a 7,000 word short story. 

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Book 1 in The Hamilton Family series
The Hamilton’s family’s daughter explores the family vacation with a special kiss to her brother Andrew that leads to so much more.

The Farmer's Daughter (incest, taboo erotica, family breeding short story)

My second debut taboo erotic short story is newly released. If you like a little sweet farm girl fucking between father and daughter, brothers and sister, then this is the story for you. I've always loved incest erotica. In fact I like to keep it pure in the family, not any of that "step-brother" action. How about a real brother instead? Isn't that just a little bit hotter? Does it turn you on like it does me? ;)

Warning: This book is a pseudo-incest novel featuring brother/sister love and father/daughter love. Some scenes feature graphic sexual depictions that some may find objectionable. Breeding and rough sex are featured in this prairie farm-style erotica short story. This book contains some religious references but is not intended to reflect any historical or modern societies—simply a fictional one. Please, enjoy the story!

My name is Sarah Matheson and I’m a little prairie farmer. I live with my good family: Pa and my brothers Jeb, Mathew, and Caleb. However, my life is turned upside down the day Pa tells me I must breed with him. He must impregnate me. If not him, then one of my brothers.

We live alone out in the wilderness, Pa says. No females out here but me. See, the things is, I know he’s right. We will not survive without having any children. No matter how sickening, or not so sickening my family’s touch is, my choice doesn’t matter. Pa takes then my brothers take. My only hope is to make one of them see reason. 

The Farmer’s Daughter is a 4300 word short story.

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Whoosh! All the air in my body expelled on a violent burst as a mountain of a body barreled into me. “There you are, sister.” It was Mathew, my second eldest brother. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere. How do you feel?”
“I feel well, brother. And you?” I ask politely. Fear kept me frozen like I was standing in the cold as he kept his weight pressed against me; it also didn’t help that he had my face buried in the grass.
“I’m well but I’m about to be great, sister Sarah.”
He shoved my white cotton dress up roughly. I fought him, but he was so much bigger and stronger. He tossed my prairie dress up, all the lace and ruffles of it, panting. He jerked open his trews and his thick, long cock jutted from his hips hungrily. Tears didn’t even come this time for me. I can’t even summon the strength to protest. What’s the use? They outnumber me, they’re stronger, and better than me at everything. If I tried to run away I’d likely die from any number of things. Besides, I love pa and my brothers. Each of them, no matter what they’ve done have not made me hate them. I cherish my family more than the good Lord. And that’s a whole lot.
He shoved my pantaloons down my legs, grabbed my hips then shoved his cock up inside my sore hole again. I gasped through the pain, gritting my teeth, but I learned it didn’t hurt nearly as bad this time. My pussy body didn’t stretch quite as far. He took me hard, pounding into me, grunting and panting.
Strange, pleasurable sensations began tickling between my legs. Especially where he slid in and out of me, pounded touching me deep inside. It felt…strangely good.
“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” he panted, hammering his hard, big meat into my tight pussy, or so he called it as he muttered. Best damn pussy ever, tighter than ma.
 But something wicked and wonderful was building between my legs as he took me savagely. Moisture grew where he thrust into me. He was so loud. I was pleasing him so well. I couldn’t help but feel proud that my body was pleasing him.
“Ah, damn, sister, you are so tight!”
A burst of pleasure exploded inside me like a volcanic eruption. My brother shouted then started rutting, fucking me in hard, brutal thrusts that jarred my teeth. With a final shout he shoved his prick deep and planted his seed deep in me like pa did. Between my legs was very hot and wet all over. It felt like when I’d been sunburnt on my back last summer real bad and Caleb had rubbed cool aloe on my skin. When I’d touched the skin and aloe and heat from my skin it felt a whole lot like my pussy felt now.
“Very good,” he said, rocking his shaft inside me, making me wiggle. It actually felt good! “I have to get back to work but I want you to know I’m happy with this arrangement. You’re good, sister Sarah.”
I may have felt some pleasure but I still knew this was wrong. “You’re sick for touching me like you did and you know it! The good Lord will judge you, Mathew!”
Rage flashed in his eyes. Mathew jerked his cock back out of his trews, pumped it until it grew hard and then shoved it back in me. My body was drying out and it hurt when he pushed inside me; the skin pinched. He took me like a savage raping a whore. “I’m sick, sister? Sick?” His hips pumped and pumped, harder and harder. My body moistened for his traitorous invasion.
“Stop it, Mathew.” This order came from Jeb, my youngest brother. I cry at the sight of him. My savior. Finally, someone who will save me.
“Help me please, he’s hurting me! This is wrong, Jeb! Tell him please!”

Jeb nodded at Mathew. “Hurry up, finish, and don’t hurt her.”


Book 2 in The Sarah Matheson series, Sarah's brother Caleb lays savage claim to his young sister’s body, making her his as the eldest son. Sarah must come to terms with her new family arrangement as your brothers and Pa try to impregnate her.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Becoming Brandy (a gender swap story)

My first debut taboo erotica novel is under way. Please join the naughty side of life and read an erotic gender swap / gender transformation short story for only $.99.

Warning: this erotica novel contains themes of breeding, BDSM, gender swap from male to female, gender transformation, graphic sex that will get you hot under the collar and some forced situations meant to be fantastical. Reader discretion is advised. 

Staff Sergeant Brandon Jameson is an average guy until he agrees to perform in the mysterious government experiment called XY. After taking the strange injection for the experiment, anticipating the big five thousand dollar reward for participating, Brandon finds his body changing in the strangest ways. Before he knows it he’s grown into a woman with new, different needs.

Now he needs men and lots of semen to fill her up because the new Brandy wants nothing more than to service men with her body. 

BECOMING BRANDY is a 10,000 word short story.


Diego grunted as the throes of his orgasm started. He locked onto the back of her head and fucked her mouth in fast, shallow plunges.

“Si, si, si, si, si!” he chanted, sweat dripping down his temple from all his hard work. “Here it comes, punta.”

He shoved his cock deep, hips eager. His body jerked, his cock’s explosive cum spurts wracking his entire body. He erupted in her mouth with globs of creamy cum. Brandy moaned at the taste and sucked all the hot semen from his sac.

“Good girl. Good girl,” Diego praised. “But how’s the pussy?”

“About to find out,” Joe said.

And then Joe’s cock nudged her pussy’s slit and he didn’t waste any time thrusting inside. He was huge. He filled her like a bat, or maybe a damn watermelon, the man was huge. Her pussy walls were stretched tight and the crown of his cock slammed against her womb.

There was no waiting, no condom, nothing to protect her from his humping. He simply stuck his cock in her tight hole and started plundering. His hips slapped her ass making it jiggle. Diego was already hard again, the tip of his brown cock flushed. Brandy licked her lips at the sight and wished he’d put his meat back in her mouth so she could suck some more yummy cum from him.

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